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Open Gate Inc.

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Open Gate Inc. provides education services to formerly incarcerated individuals. Our goal is to help individuals get the skills needed to get jobs and reenter society. We do this by providing post-secondary education, including free classes and advice on how to make a resume, impress employers at interviews, and more. 


Overall, we aim to give our students options so they can find careers and keep them. We offer practical advice, classes, and connections to other organizations, including local city and state colleges. 

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As a non-profit organization, we provide many free services to give people opportunities to continue their education. We create a welcoming environment for our students and help them transition into an academic environment. We help individuals understand their value and see the potential for a positive future! We also offer classes to help students reconnect with their families and rebuild relationships. 

Graduating Students

From Jail to College

The transition from being incarcerated to taking college classes can be tough. Our team has partnerships with several colleges in the area, from Cal State East Bay to UC Berkeley. We help our students develop the skills needed to succeed in college and move on to a fruitful career. 

College Readiness

Preparing for college plays a significant role in being successful there. If you aren’t sure what to expect or how to get the most out of your experience, we can help. We prepare our clients for continued college education, GEDs, and other forms of education. We also offer classes that teach skills like creating resumes and preparing for interviews.

College Student in School Hallway

Secondary Education

We can help you address obstacles and barriers to getting secondary education. We help our clients enroll in college, but we can also help them obtain GEDs. Obtaining a GED is a common goal among our participants, and we have the tools to help you reach that goal. 


Contact our non-profit today to get involved with our educational support services! We work with formerly incarcerated people and their families throughout San Leandro and the Bay Area.

Self Study

Some of our partners include: 

  • Alameda County Sheriffs Dept. 

  • Santa Rita Jail

  • Alameda County Probation

  • Laney College 

  • Chabot College

  • Merritt College

  • Berkeley City College

  • College of Alameda

  • UC Berkeley

  • Cal State East Bay

  • San Francisco State

  • Project Rebound, Center Pointe

  • Oakland Adult School

  • Underground Scholars


  • Oakland Public Library

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Phone:  (510) 638-7113


Address: San Leandro, CA 

Business Hours


Monday - Thursday

9:00am - 4:00pm

Friday - Sunday 


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